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Vehicle Registration

Welcome Neighbors!

If you're parking in our lot to enjoy the playground and you're not leaving your car unattended, there is no need to register. Have fun!

If you are a neighbor and routinely park in our lot, we're glad to share with you!  Or perhaps your car died, or you needed an emergency parking for another vehicle, we're happy to help. But any unattended vehicles for any reason do need to register. 

Parking Lot Registration

You Rock! Thanks for registering!

Why? We need to be able to reach you should we need the lot cleared of all cars or if something happens to your vehicle. In the winter, we will let you know when the lot is being plowed so you can move your car. Cars in the lot make it difficult for our plow crew. 

Neighborliness: We’ve seen people driving over the grass instead of using the driveway, littering, and doing other nefarious things. We know it isn’t everyone. But, if it is you or your guests, don’t abuse our kindness. That’s not cool. It will also lead to parking privileges being revoked.

Donate: If you are able and you’d like to give thanks for the lot, you can make a tax-deductible donation by visiting our PayPal Page or you can donate by mail or at our offices.

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