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Making All Things New

Our worshiping community is just that. We are a community who worships together. We come from all backgrounds, statuses, and denominations. We come together because we feel compelled to worship God with a congregation who has fun together, who has conversations (yes, even hard ones), who isn't afraid to talk about real things happening in the world and in our own community. 

We try to be a place where God and God's will is explored through asking questions, digging into the scripture (exegesis), re-telling ancient and modern stories. We aren't perfect, and that's why we come together--to greet each other with love, to ask forgiveness and know God's assurance of Grace. 

Explore this website to learn more about us. We are in a moment of growth, so if you are interested in doing something, starting something, studying something, let us know! We're excited about the new things coming to our community and hope you feel like you can be a part of it. 

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