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Memory Garden
remembering our community 

Our garden

We see people from all over the community enjoying our field and property--playing with dogs, having picnics, running, or just meandering through our beautiful space. We want to add to the beauty with our new memory garden, meant to be for anyone in the community, regardless of if you've ever stepped foot inside our sanctuary. If you walk your dog every day around our church, we'd love to be able to honor your loved one. Or maybe you grew up here but live states away and want to feel connected by remembering your parents. Whatever the case may be, we welcome the opportunity to plant a flower for your loved one. 

Donation Explanation

Donations made to the Memory Garden are tax deductible and will go to our operating budget to help cover building expenses, such as mowing. These prices include a plant/bulb and a name or names on a 4x4 slate, that is professionally engraved. Plants will be planted at the appropriate planting season, so if you donate during the winter season, we will engrave the slate, but the plant will be placed in Spring or Summer. 

Memory Garden Donation Form

Memory Options
Please pick a payment option

Thank you! We will contact you to finalize the proof. If you chose to also include a face engraving, we will email you to attach the picture. Please find a picture that is face forward and as simple as possible, with no other people in the picture.

Donation Selections

One name engraved on 4x4 slate: $15

Two names engraved on 4x4 slate: $20

One name and an engraved face on 4x4 slate: $30

With this option, please send in a simple picture

We will pick a plant/bulb based on our garden design and from our gardeners' expertise, but if you have your own plant that you'd like to bring, please let us know and we will try and accomodate.

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