Accept The Feeding Fredonia Challenge

You helped feed hundreds of families this last year.

We are so grateful to the businesses, schools, houses of worship, individuals, and non-profits who donated goods and money.

In partnership with Rural Ministry, this community makes sure no one is hungry. 

In 2022, Fredonia Food Pantry saw an uptick in need. We collected about 2 tons of food during last year's Challenge, and we were in need of more food in a just a few months. Throughout the year, the community rallied and somehow, we always had food to share with our neighbors.

Let's keep it going and collect even more this year!

Feeding Fredonia Challenge

October 9 - October 21

For Business & Organizations to participate, please fill out this form. Participated in the past? Be on the lookout for our team to stop by in the next couple of weeks. Never participated before but you're eager to help? AWESOME! Please fill out the form above and reach out if you have any questions.

  • We will drop off a personalized flyer and a box or bag Oct 7 and 8 so that you can begin collecting food the next Monday.

  • During the challenge, if your bag/box is overflowing, you can call us to collect it or drop it off at the church 24/7 in our vestibule.

  • We will be highlighting participating businesses and organizations on our social media, so send along your logo and link to your website. 

For Individuals/Families/Neighborhoods to participate, you can let us know that you'd like a flyer or a social media link as well. We would love to highlight your efforts too!  But if you aren't looking to advertise, you're welcome to drop off food 24/7 at our open vestibule. Leave your name and contact info when you drop off food or leave it anonymously. Know that we are so thankful. 

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Not a grocery store shopper? 

Keep forgetting to put it on your list?

Your financial donation goes a LONG way. 

Mark it off your list today and click above! Use the drop-down menu to select "Food Pantry" to submit your tax deductible donation today!